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Feb 12, 2013 4:30am PST
his state of the union address tonight and will push for additional government spending to promote manufacturing, education, clean energy, and infrastructure. he will warn congress to avoid the automatic spending cuts in defense and education taking place march one. you can watch the president's state of the union address live on abc7 and at starting tonight at 6:00. senator rubio of florida will deliver the republican response. >> tunnel in richmond is closed after the discovery of serious structural problems. the main route to point richmond. on friday part of the tunnel ceiling broke away and revealed a space the size of a pickup truck that should have been filled with earth against a concrete wall 2' thick. >> a large air void above the tunnel. it is disturbing because the ceiling of the tunnel really is only 5" thick which is not reenwe forced. >> so the federally funded $750,000 face lit will now be a huge structural repair job costing millions. >> not so simple anymore. >> we will look at the weather forecast on in tuesday morning. >> keeping it simple there, si
Feb 13, 2013 4:30am PST
response, senator rubio of florida said more government will not help people get ahead. >> tax increases and deficit spending you propose will hurt middle class appeals. it will cost them their raises, their benefits, and it may cost them their jobs. >> speaker boehner says immigration reform is the only item on the president's agenda that has a chance of passing. >> facebook c.e.o. duck -- is hosting a fundraising for new jersey governor chris creditty who is seen as a top republican presidential candidate in 2016. san francisco progressiverd angry with christie for cuts millions from women's health services in his state. >> san jose joins san francisco in the fight against proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban. the city council voted in favor of adding them to the challenge of the constitutionality of the proposition saving san jose the expense of drawing up their own brief. there was a no vote from the mayor. the supreme court will review same-sex marriage and you did not see the fog coming in? >> one area of the bay area is having the visibility area. >> the north bay. big surprise, ri
Feb 15, 2013 4:30am PST
school at yale. he will not be able to get the affordable government loans he needs unless congress passes the dream act. that is why park is revealing his secret status as an undocumented immigrants. >> maybe it is the right moment to contribute to the movement. i think i did the right thing. i think. >> the video was proposed by the "dream is now" to sway lawmakers when the dream act comes up for vote and is expected the lawmakers will turn to immigration next month. >> a survey ranks the top 20 companies in the nation hiring paid interns right now and two of them are here in the bay area. according to am report, google is the scene top of the less earning $6,400 a month. and microsoft pays interns $7,000 a month, and nordstrom rounds out the top and hinto is number eight earning more than $4,200 a month. >> amazing medical news this morning, patient whose lost their sight may be able to regain some vision using a new imlaboratory average device. the food and drug administration approved the first treatment for inherited disorder that causes the break down of cells in the eye. we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3